The VBC youth group will begin fundraising for field trips. We will be selling baked goods at the Farmer’s Market and CD’s (“The Voice of Hope”). If you would like to bake something for the youth to sell, let Jimbo or one of the youngin’s know of your giving spirit. Ideas or financial donations welcome to grow the youth in fun, spirit and numbers! 

   Jimbo Shinn is the current youth Sunday Bible study leader, and we are offering an internship for a Youth Pastor. Jim has directed youth ministry for VBC in the past and is on board again. He has been an advisor for Youth for Christ, Campus Life at De Anza Junior High School, where he was a counselor for 24 years. The youth are planning a field trip, student conference, and outreach activities at Pioneer’s Hospital and the Brawley Farmer’s Market. Come Sunday mornings to the youth room at 9:30 or call the church to find out about upcoming youth activities. 

READ: John 8:2-11

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? If you live your faith out loud, it is a good thing, but you may get attacked. In this Bible study, some Jewish leaders caught a woman in adultery and brought her to Jesus publically stating the law says she should be stoned! They didn’t bring the guy she was with because they didn’t care about justice, but they wanted to trick and embarrass Jesus in front of a crowd. While they publically humiliated the woman, Jesus just sat and wrote something in the dirt. I was taught, He might have been writing the sins of the accusers on the ground and then He says “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!” He showed the religious leaders that were guilty too! None could step up and condemn because they were convicted of their own sin. He then told the woman to go and sin no more. Be careful of your judgmental attitude towards others, but do ask God for forgiveness for what you do wrong, and try to not do it again! Jesus’s job is to judge. Our job is to tell others the Judge is coming!!