YEAR 1                                                                    YEAR 2                                                                    YEAR 3          

        FREE PUPpet scripts below! 


     Below are free downloadable Christian puppet scripts that are used during our Awana time. I encourage you to edit them however you want in order to fit your needs.  Our main puppet is "Princess Leah" (PL) who's on the cover of the Awana T & T Handbook.  The lights go down, the smoke pours out, strobe lights are flashing, the music of her spaceship landing begins, and that's how Princess Leah arrives to kick off the night!  (And no, we haven't had any epileptic seizures........yet!)  The spaceship is made to look like an oversized Awana book as she pokes her hole out of the portal hole (see picture above).  She also has several travelling companions along the way, including "Chewbaca" her co-pilot.  We have an awful lot of fun doing these puppet shows because it's a fun and creative way of teaching God's Word to the kids.  Memory verses are included in each skit.  All the glory and credit goes to our God!