C             Comfort others

O             Obey the rules

V             Victory in Jesus

I               Inform yourself

D             Deliverance will come  

19           Read Psalm 119    

                                                                          GLOOM OR GRATITUDE

                A family member sent me a joke but the email was entitled, “Another Laugh on a Gloomy Day.” I emailed him back that it was good joke, but I wasn’t feeling at all gloomy. Now if you have a family member infected, that is cause for concern, but no gloom.  According to my Encarta dictionary, gloom is defined as “a state of darkness or partial darkness,” or “a feeling or atmosphere of despair, despondency, or misery.”

                I don’t have any of those feelings. I am grateful rather than gloomy. I am grateful for each new day and for the fact that the C virus (I like to save syllables, whereas others want to save the whales!), is NOT a death sentence. Over 95% of the infected will come through the storm alive!  Many who die, are very old, or have other have serious health issues. Let us not fall into despair, and this current situation doesn’t have to make you miserable. If you are feeling that way, get out a piece of paper and begin writing a list of things for which you are grateful: shelter, personal health, financial security, healthy children, loving family, plenty of medical marijuana or whatever! Write and raise your gloom level.

                There is truly darkness all around us. That is the negativity and those that let fear, rather than faith rule the day. As a Christian, I and you (if you’re really are a Christian!), need to be a light up a hill! We have eternal reasons for the brightness in our lives, and we need to love and bless others. Who wants to hang out with Donna Downer or Nick Negative???

                So KNOCK IT OFF FOLKS! You live in America, the most blessed country on the planet and the best health care system.

                If anyone has a right to be gloomy, it is the working poor and owners for small businesses. This pandemic can cause them much emotional and financial damage. Pray for these folks and support their businesses after the pandemic passes. And it will!!!